Coaching Lucid - Lead It by Jason Stirman

Coaching Lucid - Lead It

Level up your coaching game


You've learned it, you lived it... now it's time to lead it! 

This video course will teach you how to coach a winning mindset. There's often more potential upside in helping an athlete break through their own mental barriers than there is refining and optimizing their physical skills. Mentally tough athletes are focus, confident, and they thrive under pressure.

Learn how to coach champions and win!

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos


12. Lead It - Rules of Mental Training
8 mins
13. Lead It - Winning Wisdom
6 mins
14. Lead It - Supreme Confidence
4 mins
15. Lead It - Laser Focus
4 mins
16. Lead It - Competitive Drive
2 mins
17. Lead It - Conclusion
6 mins

Lucid Coaching Corner

Elite athletes train their minds like they train their bodies. You can learn how to coach a winning mindset with the same mental skills coaches who have trained Michael Jordan, Brandon Marshall, Kobe Bryant, BJ Penn, Aaron Gordon, and many others... as seen on ESPN’s SportsCenter and Sports Illustrated!